Tuesday, July 8, 2008

we made it!

We are now at a hotel in La Ceiba, Honduras and we arrived with only a few glitches. The funny part about our trip was that we expected the most problems in Honduras but instead we encountered the biggest problems in Minneapolis.

Bryan had problems parking because we left our van for family to pickup but when you enter you have to use a credit card and you need it to leave because they don´t give you a time stamped ticket. Bryan eventually found a way around this.

The biggest problem of the day came when I was checking us in while Bryan was parking the van. We found out that during the summer and Christmastime there is a box embargo for several central American countries, one of which is Honduras. This meant that we could not take our boxes on the airplane. Our only option was to buy bags from American Airlines. This ended up costing us a little over $300 for 7 bags but they are nice, huge bags that we will hopefully use again and again for medical mission trips. We had to repack some boxes into bags and realized a little late that some of the boxes fit right into the bags. Things ended up working out well and Bryan and I got a good workout fixing things.

It is nice and hot and humid for now. It isn´t annoying yet because we have air conditioning. We are extremely tired after 14 hours of traveling and getting very little sleep last night. We are really looking forward to a good night of sleep in our first Honduran hotel.

Bryan has also been refreshing his memory of his Spanish and it has been very helpful. We didn´t have any problems with the Honduran airline other than a delay in the flight and sitting in a very small and gas-smelly plane. No problems with our overweight luggage and our excess of it. God was with us today even when dealing with cranky kids and cranky fellow passengers.

We are off to a little vacation in Roatan tomorrow.


Roxanne said...

So glad you made it safely! We will continue to pray for you guys. Love you and miss you!


Teresa said...

I am glad you made it. I have been thinking of you NON STOP :) Miss you guys!