Friday, July 18, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008: Notes

Things I have taken not of in Roatan and Balfate, Honduras:

It is very hot and humid here. It is in the 80's but feels like 100+F. The humidity makes it so much hotter. When you stand in the sun, the sweat just pours out of your skin.

Honduran people have more difficult lives but people seem to have more focused jobs. The missionary families have gardeners and housekeepers. People work very hard here - lot of physical labor. The gardeners work and sweat all day outside.

The fruit here is amazing! I've had the best pineapple and mango ever - so juicy and sweet.

In the morning the air is so still but in the afternoon, the wind picks up and the breeze is so nice.

Jaden and Clay don't seem bothered by having sweaty heads and clothes all the time. They do need lots of water and are happy to drink it. Clay also needs his diaper changed more often. You can pray for him still because the diarrhea is back and his has bad diaper rash.

It is difficult to dry clothes here. Too much humidity it seems for the dryer to work well or maybe it's broken. (It is working now) Clothes don't dry well on the line when it's windy and you don't have clothespins - they blow away.

It still need communication with other people than my boys throughout the day. I enjoy filling a need. I want to feel useful.

The mosquitos are worse in North Dakota and Minnesota than here but they have a lot of other bug problems here.

Everywhere is noisy here - loud grocery store music, loud music in the mall, loud guesthouse with the piano and lots of kids, and very loud jet engine fans.

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