Friday, July 11, 2008

in Honduran paradise

Wednesday was quite the adventure getting to Roatan by ferry. We didn't realize the waves would be so big. We found out that Clay inherited the motion sickness gene from Bryan and both of them got quite sick. Clay and I left the boat covered in puke! There were many blue-shirted Honduran men that were saints to me on that ferry ride. They helped me move my boys and cleaned up Clay's throw-up all over the floor while Bryan was trying not to throw-up again by staying outside. Jaden slept through most of the ferry ride and I was able to take care of Clay. I have dealt with my kids throwing up before but this went to new heights. I had to sit in throw-up for about an hour and half until we got cleaned up at the hotel. We should have known something would go wrong when they handed out small bags for people to use while on the boat.

We have had a great time at our resort in Roatan. The kids are loving it here too! There is a 250 foot long pool that is very kid friendly with lots of shallow areas. We have the kids in their foam suits to help them float and they have floaties on their arms. They might be getting too brave in the water but they are loving it! We have been coating ourselves in sunscreen and bugspray repeatedly but we are still enjoying the sun and beach and water. No illnesses yet and we will keep praying for that not to happen.

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Teresa said...

Oh Raquel--My worst nightmare but what a "exposure therapy" experience! I feel for you :) I will pray that you stay healthy.... When do you have to ride the boat again???