Sunday, July 13, 2008

end of vacation

We have had a wonderful family vacation in Roatan, Honduras and it is coming to an end on Sunday. We have spent lots of time in the pool and walking on the beach and lots of time relaxing. We have had beautiful, hot and humid weather. We have sweat a lot but the beautiful scenery and ocean breeze make the heat more manageable.

We have our first episode of diarrhea and probably not our last. Clay could use your prayers for him to feel better soon. When we leave Roatan today, we will also be taking the same ferry back to the mainland that made Bryan and Clay sick. We hope that Clay is not dealing with throwing up and diarrhea at the same time. Please pray for him to make it through the ferry ride ok and pray for me while dealing with a sick husband and child and Jaden. Pray that Dramamine will help Bryan not get sick on the boat.

Sunday is a big day of travel from Roatan (island) to La Ceiba (mainland) and then to Balfate (hospital). Once we arrive in La Ceiba, a missionary should pick us up and take us to the grocery store and then we have at least an hour and half ride to the Loma de la Luz Hospital. Pray that every goes safely with this journey. Sunday night we should be staying in a guesthouse/dorm near the hospital. Bryan should start working at the hospital on Monday.

On a side note, the time here is mountain time; one hour earlier than central time and two hours earlier than eastern time. The sun sets earlier here too; about 6:30pm. Most of life shuts down at sunset because it gets pretty dark with not much lighting around.

Here are some pictures from our time in Roatan.

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Laurie said...

Hey! Those pictures look great! Sorry to hear about the unfortunate sicknesses and travel headaches. It sounds like you guys are having a great time. Are you checking email?