Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 13, 2008: Honduras my new place

This is our first day in Balfate at the Hospital Loma de la Luz. There are so many first impressions going through my head. We were welcomed here by rain and mud, which I think is appropriate, and in the dark.

My first impression of the dorm/guesthouse/staff housing is that it is very dirty, smely and needs some good cleaning. It reminds me of the days at my church camp--Lakewood Bible Camp in Devils Lake, ND and days spent at my Marriott grandparents in Auburn, CA. The smells, bugs and uncleanliness bring fond memories of people and experiences to my mind.

Bryan asked me tonight if I am still sure we are supposed to be here. It is an appropriate question and not offensive because of the expressions on my face caused by this place. I told him that is not a question to ask and I am not asking myself that quetion. I do not WANT to be here but I know that we are SUPPOSED to be here so I don't question it. My concern is how will I best survive here. What will I need to do to be content for the next 3 weeks?

There is a lot of darkness around us but a corss is well lit up near us and high up. I greatly appreciate that reminder that Jesus is the reason that I am here. (in the morning I found out that cross is on top of the hospital)

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