Tuesday, July 15, 2008

100th post

My 100th post is happening in Honduras, wow! I have been unofficially blogging for less than a year and I had hoped to reach 100 posts in that time. I am a very goal oriented person so I aim to post at least once a day and usually not more than once a day.

Since I haven't posted since we left Roatan, I thought I would update you on what has happened since then.

We made it on the boat ok and Clay was starting to feel better and the diarrhea had ended thankfully. We were prepared this time for motion sickness with dramamine for the boys and Bryan. We found out that the ride from Roatan to the mainland is usually better than the ride out to the island. We much appreciated that and no one got sick. I didn't see anyone throw up and Bryan, Jaden and Clay all slept through the boat ride, which probably helped too. We were hoping the dramamine would put them all to sleep.

On the boat ride I met Dr. Jeff McKenney when he came up and asked me if I was in the Jarabek family, which was a little frightening because he knew my name. I did not know him and didn't know that someone would be on the boat to give us a ride to the hospital in Balfate. His family was vacationing in Roatan for the past 6 days and was just returning at the same time as us to give us a ride. Another family met us in La Ceiba to get all 10 of us from the boat with our luggage.

We headed to the grocery store to stock-up for the next week and got some Wendy's for dinner. We road in some sort of jeep/land rover with a rack on top for our luggage. It just had two bench seats running along the sides for people to sit on. Our kids enjoyed the new journey. It starting pouring while we were eating and our groceries and luggage got a little wet, some more than others. Thankfully most of our stuff was in plast bags and ziplocs.

We got to Balfate after dark and quickly got settled into our room for the next week. We have 4 twin beds that we made into two king beds. Our room is pretty much all bed with a little sink area and we share a toilet and shower with another dorm room but it is empty right now. The bugs welcomed us with a wasp nest outside our bathroom window and the bugs have continued to be with us in all forms and sizes.

I plan to journal each day and will update the blog with those entries but this is all the time I have now. We are off to dinner with new friends.


Teresa said...

Sounds like life is good :)

Teresa said...

PS I am obsessed with reading your blog now :) No one reads mine :):)