Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008: Enjoyable day

Today was a very enjoyable day and one I needed very much.

This morning we went to a church in Margarita with Norma (head nurse). It is also John and Penny's church (they are a midwife and nurse here). Norma started the church from a Bible study in an injured man's house. It is amazing to see what it has already become in just a few short years. I know God is using that church and the pastor to reach the community and He has big plans for that small church. My favorite part was listening to all of the kids sing many songs in Spanish. They were loud and energetic singer.

After church we had our favorite reoccuring meal of quesadillas. We are enjoying the refried beans and tortillas here very much. My boys can't get enough crema (similar to sour cream, but I think it is better, less sour).

This afternoon we had plans to go to another swimming hole and waterfall with Dr. Renae and a bunch of other people. Bryan went with the boys and they had a blast even though they couldn't swim up to the waterfall. They had fun playing in the water hole and a hot spring they found.

Bryan let me go with Molly (19) and Brianna (17) to 2 girls' house that they have been working with at the hospital. They live near the town square in Balfate. I had such a great time there. We swam in the Balfate beach which was beautiful and better than the beach near the hospital. We also made tortillas and refried beans and ate baleadas. We also learned some Honduran dance moves. The tortillas, beans and avacado were so yummy! That meal is known as baleadas here and the tortillas are eaten like tacos with whatever you want to put inside. I passed on eating the unpasteurized cheese and hope that Molly and Brianna don't get sick from it. I look forward to making my own tortillas someday. They are so good when they are fresh. The tortillas we made were not from a recipe but from experience. They were made of flour, baking powder, salt, shortening and warm/hot water. We mixed the dough by hand and formed it into balls and then flattened them to fry them on a griddle. The refried beans were made by pressure cooking the beans. Then putting them in the blender with water. Then they were fried in shortening and spices were added. The one food I still want to make and try here is their traditional Tres Leches cake.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog because I can find out that you are well and happy (or sad). what a wonderful experience. WOW your time will be over soon and we will see you next week end. love MOM