Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008: Jungle Drive

We had an adventurous day exploring the jungle with Dr. Renae. She took our family on some less traveled roads up the mountains, requiring 4 wheel drive. We adventured to a rocky river and to some people's homes in Las Flores and to a dam with a beautiful river. We walked down and back up the river for about 3 hours. It was very hot in the sun and we had some very whiney and tired kids. At the end we got in the water to cool off and the whining stopped. It was a nice end to our hike. Both boys somehow managed to fall asleep on the drive back. The road is incredibly bumpy and it was difficult to stay in your seat but they still slept.

We ended our day with a meal provided by Cindy and shared with Carl, Brianna (their family of 3 is here for 3 weeks and have been here 7 times), Leon and Judy (missionaries here).

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