Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008:

Last night we got to be apart of the missionary worship gathering. It was great to meet more people and see some faces again. There are a lot of missionaries gone for the summer and some people that left permanently so the numbers are done right now and work load is great. We had a nice time of praying and singing together while the kids played outside. I am grateful to the older kids entertaining my boys.

Both Clay and Jaden are having naughty streaks today. Jaden kept disrupting other people playing and got timeout repeatedly for taking toys away and being me to other kids. Clay got ahold of a red marker and colored all over 2 pillars and all over the stairway in the main shared space of the guesthouse. They both seem overly tired and are attempting to take naps now.

We are looking forward to having Bryan around on Saturday and Sunday. Also, Bryan doesn't have any overnight call at the hospital because he doesn't know enough Spanish to be there by himself. That is kind of nice for us but I think he is wishing that he had more time with the hospital patients. He has seen a lot of people in clinic and is getting better at his Spanish.

There was some sad news over the last couple of days. I lady died after complications from a hernia surgery. The good news is that she knew Jesus and her husband came to be a follower of Jesus through this whole process. God brings good things out of the horrible.

A man also came in late in the evening the other night with a gunshot would to his leg and it turned out pretty bad but even worse news is that he raped his stepdaughter who was with him. The missionaries here are incredible at giving care to the families at the hospital. They not only offer physical care to the patient but also support to everyone involved. We are just happy to be here to help them when their staff is low and they need extra workers.

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Teresa said...

Clay and Jaden being naughty...never :) Jack had a particularly naughty day today as well....must be in the atmosphere!