Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008: Feeling productive

Here are some things that I have been up to:

-Today we (me and boys) helped put a layer of mud on a new mud house being built for a cripple lady
-Helped Penny Alden and Judy navigate some computer issues
-Dinner at Lucinda restaurant with Leon and Judy Greene
-Lunch at Jeff and Rosanne McKenney
-Dinner at Renee's with 2 movies
-Played with kids at the Children's Center
-Colored with kids in the clinic hallways
-Looked and found monkeys in the trees here. Still looking for toucans.
-Finished reading a book (For Women Only)
-I drove through 2 rivers by myself in an old beat-up truck.


laurie said...

Honduras sounds incredible!

Roxanne said...

Raquel! I miss you! Glad to hear you are getting to know some people and that you got a little break from the boys (when Bryan was off on the weekend). I know you are missing a lot, but remember this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so enjoy as much as you can. I LOVE YOU!