Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008: grateful

Today the staff housing housekeeper, Argentina, showed the boys and I how to make tortillas. We also made some beans and ate baleadas together for lunch.

I am grateful to Nelsy who lent my boys some toys from the apartment next to us.

Here are some things I have been writing down that I am grateful for over the last few weeks in Honduras:
-air conditioning
-lunches with Bryan
-gatherings with other people to look forward to
-kids laughter
-Marisela and Joshua
-desserts made by friends
-shared meals
-meals cooked by others for my family
-the Roch family
-older kids to entertain mine - Jocelyn, Naomi, Holly
-babysitters - Brianna, Guildy, Rosemary
-the beach
-the ocean/gulf waves
-bright, blue skies
-seeing millions of stars and the milky way on a clear night
-afternoon breeze
-borrowed vehicles
-close gas stations
-nap time
-books to read
-fresh tortillas and homemade refried beans

Please be in prayer for the Hospital Loma de Luz right now. They some internal Honduran personnel issues that need prayer. Pray for the reputation of the hospital in the local region and that Jesus will continue to be glorified in the work they are doing here.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 1st, is Bryan and I's 10th wedding anniversary! I am so excited to be celebrating this with Bryan! He is one amazing husband! I have a little surprise planned for him and you will read more details later. I am hoping to blog one more time on Monday before we leave Balfate on Tuesday. I can't believe we will be back in MN in 5 days! Our time here has gone so quickly and I can honestly say I have loved it! We hope to return and find more places like this to go and help elsewhere too.

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Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary B and R :)

We miss you :) Love, T, J, J and L