Sunday, February 10, 2013

Honduras, here we come, again!

We leave for Honduras in 5 short weeks! After taking a year off from our travel there while doing foster care, we are excited to be going there to help again. Bryan will be using his doctor skills in the clinic and hospital at Loma de Luz and I will be using any skills I can to take care of our two boys and help in any way possible. I will probably help in the eye clinic, on the computer, with a feeding program and hangout with kids at the Children's Center (for foster care). The boys will tag along and help whenever they are able.

This is our fourth trip to Honduras and we are so gratified that we can serve God and others in this way. We are leaving on March 24th and will return April 7th after a two week adventure in the countryside. There are many challenges that come with living in Honduras and I look forward to sharing those with anyone who will read or listen. We love that we have friends and family who care about us and what we are doing. Thank you for your care and concern.

Each time we have traveled to Honduras, we have given friends and family the opportunity to join us on our adventure. Some family members have joined us in serving in Honduras, while many others have supported us with prayer and finances. We are again giving you the opportunity to partner with us in the work that we do in Honduras. Please let us know if you are interested in traveling with us on a future trip. As for this trip, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for safety, usefulness, flexibility and pointing people to God, who is the reason that we do this. If you would like to give to us financially, we thank you so much for caring to invest in us. You can do that by going to Samaritan's Purse and typing Jarabek in the text box. You will see Bryan's name pop up and an old picture of our family taken before our first trip to Honduras in 2008. Our boys are much older now, Jaden is 8 and Clay is 6. We really do consider you a partner in our trip and our work in Honduras if you are reading this. We appreciate your prayers and financial gifts. They help us serve others.

100% of your financial donations will get passed on to our family for our trip. That money will be used for a variety of things but here is some idea of what you are helping make happen. We will be taking 6 large bags/suitcases with us that are full of medical supplies. We get most of the items donated but there are always some very useful things that we like to purchase to help the clinic/hospital. Your money will allow us to purchase those medical items. We will also be taking 1 large bag/suitcase with toys and clothing for children at the foster care center. Your contribution will allow us to purchase some of those items needed for the care of those children. We also have baggage fees in order to take all of these donations with us. Half of our bags will be free but we plan to have to pay about $160 for checked baggage. Your donation may also go to purchase supplies for a feeding program for impoverished children who live at the city dump.

Thank you so much for your donations. We will definitely put you money to good use. Know that you are a partner in all that we do in Honduras whether you are praying or giving or reading. Thank you. I look forward to writing more about our preparations and our trip.