Saturday, July 25, 2009

expensive day

Yesterday we were trying to enjoy the day while Bryan and I weren't working but they day did not go as planned.

We did end up finally buying a washer and dryer that we have been researching and contemplating for months. Our washer and dryer are 25 years old in house and I have to warn the kids that an earthquake is coming every time the washer spins out the water. It is unable to be balanced and shakes the house like crazy, hopefully not causing any permanent damage. The washer is also not good at rinsing the clothes or getting them clean, in my opinion. The dryer has its own issues and wasn't heating at all when we first moved in and so Bryan fixed it. He had to bend the heating sensor away from the heating element and we are afraid that something could start on fire at any moment in there. All that is to say that we needed a new washer and dryer and now we finally have them on their way to our house next week.

After that we spent some time exploring two nearby libraries and picked up some books and movies for the kids. Bryan had to go to work at 4pm so we stopped by the house and got snacks before the boys and I headed to the Children's Museum in St. Paul.

This is where the day got more expensive. I hit a curb (separating traffic0 on a major road, going about 35-40 mph. It popped the front driver's side tire and air was leaking from the rear driver's side tire. I managed to get pulled off the road and hoped that I didn't cause too much damage to more expensive parts of the van. After talking with the insurance, 2 dealerships, roadside assistance, towing company, my brother/rescuer-Kirk and Bryan, we finally made it home 3 hours later. Jaden was still asking to go to the museum. He can't understand that we can't get there without a vehicle. Kirk brought us home since Bryan was working. This wrecked my day and Kirk's evening (and his family's evening) but I am very grateful to have had his help.

The only light at the end of my evening was that Clay got out of bed came out in the hallway to ask for another hug. He knows my weakness and I got up from the couch and got another hug from Clay and Jaden. That helped make the evening a little better.

Today we found out that we have to replace two tires, one rim and the battery. This is pretty much the best and cheapest scenario we could get away with so that is lessening my anger with myself. I am still not sure how this happened because I wasn't on the phone or yelling at my kids and in fact Clay was sleeping. I guess my lesson is watch out for curbs in the middle of the road but I already know this. I had 5 years going without an accident and now it is reset. The only person still mad about this happening is me so now I just need to get over it and move on.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my brain got stepped on

Today I got beat-up in a meeting at work. Not physically, but it sure felt like my brain got stepped on and abused as I tried to figure out what was going on. I couldn't ask all the questions I needed to better understand the work because that would have made the meeting last all night.

I don't get embarrassed easily but today I took a beating and walked away feeling sorry for myself. I was asked to sub-in for my coworker for a meeting that he called. I had him get someone else to lead the meeting but somehow that didn't end up happening. Everyone expected me to lead the meeting. What were they thinking? I am only a few months into this and now they are throwing a whole new set of acronyms my way. I wanted to scream and tell them that all I understand from what you just said are the words "the, and to"!!! I kept my cool trying to look the best I could for my friend who is enjoying his vacation. He will probably regret having me in the meeting when he returns. Well, maybe not but I definitely regret that decision.

The hardest day at my engineering job can not even compare to the hardest day taking care of two preschoolers.

Monday, July 20, 2009

vacation ends, routine begins

We are finally back home after being on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks. We had lots of fun in Wisconsin Dells, Jamestown and Fargo, ND. We spent lots of time with family and had lots of down time. We tried to fill up our time with fun things to do and we did a lot.

We went down numerous waterslides, sat in many hot tubs, saw the Dells water ski show, swam in the Jamestown pool, went to the Stutsman County Fair, ate lots of fair food, rode in my dad's Model T and threw candy with the boys in a parade, watched the local dirt track car races (Jaden loved them), went to my parents' church, watched the new Veggie Tales movie on a big screen, went to the Red River Valley Fair, ate more fair food, played mini golf with the boys for the first time, watched Bryan and his brother play softball, went to the Fargo Street Fair and helped as a crossing guard, ate even more fair food, went to Eric and Laura's church, took naps, then woke-up and drove safely at home.

The trip was about as much fun as you can have in Wisconsin and North Dakota. I am sure we will return to both places for more fun.

Despite all of that fun, I am continually reminded of the sadness that remains that we did not go to Honduras. I am sure that we made the right choice because the protests and political unrest continue there. The US Embassy there is still not recommending Americans to travel to Honduras.

I opened up a book to read in Fargo and the bookmark was from World Medical Mission (our sending agency to Honduras). Sadness and longing set-in. I read another email from a missionary to Loma de Luz Hospital and wish we could help. We return home to find 7 fully packed large pieces of luggage ready to go to Honduras. They are filled with medical supplies and gifts for the missionaries. I am still saddened by not being able to go to Honduras. I am sure that with time the saddness will lesson. Hopefully we will have another trip to look forward to soon.

We are planning on returning to Honduras in February 2010 and/or the summer of 2010. Any donations that we received for the trip will be held by World Medical Mission (WMM) until we take another trip. If you donated money to us through WMM and would like it returned to you, that is no problem, just let us know. We will be contacting everyone with our future plans which are still in the works.

Now life is in the process of getting back to the routine again. Bryan and I go to work tomorrow, Tuesday, and the kids go back to school. We have a ton of email and mail to read and a list of many chores to do. The to do list is a little long right now but hopefully by the weekend it will be more manageable. Tonight we are getting back to our sleeping routine after many late nights with family. Goodnight.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

rudeness and grace

I see the rudeness in others and it makes me realize that I am still rude and not nice to others. When others are rude, I want to step in and use my voice and tell them what's what. But, I know that it could be me on the other side. I am not always nice to others. Sometimes I say the wrong things. Sometimes I say mean things. Sometimes all I care about is myself.

My first reaction is to criticize others for their wrongdoing but everyone deserves the grace that God gives me every time I mess up.

It reminds me of the passage in the Bible about removing the log in your own eye before pointing out the small splinter of wood in someone else's eye.

My prayer is that when I see other's faults, it would remind me of the logs in my eyes that need to be washed out. Jesus, help me not be judgemental and help me to generously give out the grace that you give me daily.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

fun with grandparents

The kids have been enjoying their time with Grandpa Oscar and Grandma Judy so much. We've had a blast in Jamestown, ND.

The kids have been tired continuously and wornout from all of the fun and late nights and napless afternoons. They haven't always been in the best moods and have definitely pushed my buttons at times. Thank goodness I have had help from my parents and Bryan, even though he has not been feeling well the last couple of days.

Clay is getting more attitude all the time. When we were at the fair a few nights ago, Clay said to the goat, "Come over here. I want to tell you something."

We watched the new Veggie Tales movie tonight at my parents church and at the beginning Clay said this about Bob the Tomato, "Hey, that looks like an apple." This was really loud so everyone could hear it.

At the end of the movie, Clay turned over to me and said, "That was really cool." So cute coming from his little three year old body.

Jaden was so excited about the Veggie Tales movie that in church this morning when he found out about it, he couldn't contain himself. He said out, loud during a quiet time in the service, "We get to watch Veggie Tales."

When we left church to go get lunch, Jaden was very disturbed and commented, "We can't leave yet. We haven't watched Veggie Tales." He didn't understand that the movie was later in the day and we would come back for the movie.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

vacation continues

We had a blast in Wisconsin Dells and spent a lot of time in the waterpark connected to our hotel. We had a great time in the sun, pools, hot tubs and many water slides. It was a great time of family relaxing time. It was great to have Bryan's sister, Kim, and her friend, Jill with us. After three days in the water it was time to dry off and we headed home. I can't wait to get pictures loaded up but it will have to wait until our vacation is done.

We are now in Jamestown, ND at my parents. We are already having lots of fun--went swimming at the pool today and ate lots of yummy food at the county fair and tried to get the boys sick on some kiddie rides. My brother and his family are here too so the boys get to hangout with their girl cousins for few days which they are very excited about.

We will be going to Fargo on Monday to be with Bryan's family for awhile before we head back to our home.

We have decided that we are not going to Honduras this summer. It is still hard to think about and stomach because I still wish we were there instead of North Dakota. It is a nice second place to spend time with family but it is just not what I had been dreaming about for the last 5 months. We are now planning on returning to Honduras in January or February before our ticket voucher's expire.

We continue to pray for the people in Honduras and all of the political uncertainty they are facing. The ex-president, Zelaya, and the new president, Micheletti, are talking with the Costa Rican president to try to resolve things. So far, it doesn't look like things are going well. The best scenario would be to hold the presidential elections early (planned for Nov.) to try to make the most people happy with a legitimately elected president. Please keep praying for peace in Honduras and for a quick resolution and for no more violent protests (most have been peaceful).

We will keep you updated about our Honduras plans as we figure them out. We are still excited to get back there but are happy to be waiting for safer times to take our kids into such and uncertain environment.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


We decided to take a little vacation while we are not working and are not in Honduras. We are headed to the Wisconsin Dells for two nights. We are really looking forward to the big waterparks and relaxing in a hotel. Jaden is most excited about eating at the hotel. He has been asking to go to a hotel for weeks now. We have a big room, enough to sleep 8 people because it was the same price to have 6 or 4 people in the room (2 more people cost more money). We are taking Bryan's sister, Kim, with us and a friend of hers.

I am looking forward to spending so much time in the water that we get wrinkly.

We had a blast the last two days as we went to our friends wedding on Friday night. Andy and Sarah are in our Meal Group from church and have become fast friends. Not being in Honduras was more worth it because we got to share in their big day.

Tonight we celebrated the 4th of July with some coworkers of Bryan's at their beautiful house. The kids had a blast playing with many new friends. They had more than their fair share of sugar tonight. Marshmallows, smores, DQ dilly bars, juice boxes and more marshmallows! Wow, that's a lot of sugar. We had fun in the hot tub and around the fireplace and the boys also enjoyed the huge playroom and Kung Fu Panda on the big screen with surround sound. What a party house! We also had a good view of the Edina, MN fireworks. This was the first year that both boys really enjoyed watching the fireworks and didn't cover their eyes and ears, as they did last year when we watched them over Mt. Rushmore. Too bad the boys couldn't hold it any longer and had to use the trees as a toilet. We forgot to take them to the bathroom before we walked a few blocks away to watch the fireworks. Oh well, kids keep life interesting. I am not a fan of people peeing in public places but our friend was ready to take Jaden in the trees which made me nervous...Bryan stepped in to help. There was definite peer pressure to use the trees. I am really hoping that the kids do not think it is ok to pee outside whenever they want. This is a very dangerous path for 3 and 4 year old boys.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

poor Honduras

It is saddening to see how the rest of the world is responding to Honduras. I think was happened in Honduras was harsh but it was done correctly according to the Honduran Constitution. It seems that the worldwide media is misrepresenting what happened and is making it appear that the Honduran government is violating the democracy they have put in place. This is not true. Former President Zelaya violated the laws of the country and needed to be removed from power. Why is it that so many countries, including the US, want Zelaya reinstated as president? Because they think he should be the democratic leader but legally he should not be any more. It seems to me that the other countries of the world need to wake-up and do some research into the Honduran Constitution and what exactly Zelaya did before he was arrested. It is really sad to see that the US, UN, EU, Organization of American States (OAS) and many other countries are not recognizing the new president and have already or are threatening to cutoff aid and trade to Honduras. It doesn't seem possible that so many governments could be misinformed but somehow it has happened.

If you want to read more about this, go to:

We have been getting relgular updates from the missionaries in Honduras. Zelaya is currently planning to return on Sunday. Here is the latest from Cornerstone and Loma de Luz Hospital:

The vast majority of Hondurans do not want him [Zelaya] and there was no military coup. He was legally separated from power by following the Honduran constitution--and without a drop of blood being shed--and the entire government that was in place prior to Zelaya’s expulsion is still in place and preceding democratically & entirely within the framework of their constitution...headed by the leader of the same party to which Zelaya formerly belonged. The Congress has impeached Zelaya unanimously & the Supreme court and the Fiscal General have at least 18 offences of provable charges out against him, ranging from malfeasance to fraud to treason. Beyond his resignation letter left behind, they have found 60 million lempiras in cash in Zelaya’s office, along with clear evidence linking him to Hugo Chavez’s Cocaine cartel. 260 million lempiras in cash was found in the hotel room that he was using to run the illegal referendum from.... The list goes on & on.
In Honduras in every major city tens of thousands of supporters of the ouster of Zelaya march peacefully in the streets in support of the new government (wearing white and carrying Honduran flags)... Every day....while a few hundred professional agitators (many of them being Venezuelans brought in for this purpose) and typical ‘ner-do-wells that are organized to support Zelaya are breaking windows and burning tires and throwing rocks and getting the intermational news coverage. Dr. Jeff has spoken to many, many Hondurans.... Particularly those out in the countryside in the area of the hospital. Even those who formerly supported Zelaya (before he tried to change the constitution regarding term limits) do not want Zelaya to come back. Not a single one wants him to return.

We will be waiting to see what happens on Sunday and Monday. The government is promising to arrest Zelaya as soon as he sets foot on Honduran soil. We are anticipating more problems to come in Honduras but are praying for the best there. It would be best for Zelaya to not return to power and for all countries to recognize the new president and go back to the friendly standing that everyone had with Honduras before this situation. That seems like a big miracle right now but I know that God can make that happen.