Saturday, July 25, 2009

expensive day

Yesterday we were trying to enjoy the day while Bryan and I weren't working but they day did not go as planned.

We did end up finally buying a washer and dryer that we have been researching and contemplating for months. Our washer and dryer are 25 years old in house and I have to warn the kids that an earthquake is coming every time the washer spins out the water. It is unable to be balanced and shakes the house like crazy, hopefully not causing any permanent damage. The washer is also not good at rinsing the clothes or getting them clean, in my opinion. The dryer has its own issues and wasn't heating at all when we first moved in and so Bryan fixed it. He had to bend the heating sensor away from the heating element and we are afraid that something could start on fire at any moment in there. All that is to say that we needed a new washer and dryer and now we finally have them on their way to our house next week.

After that we spent some time exploring two nearby libraries and picked up some books and movies for the kids. Bryan had to go to work at 4pm so we stopped by the house and got snacks before the boys and I headed to the Children's Museum in St. Paul.

This is where the day got more expensive. I hit a curb (separating traffic0 on a major road, going about 35-40 mph. It popped the front driver's side tire and air was leaking from the rear driver's side tire. I managed to get pulled off the road and hoped that I didn't cause too much damage to more expensive parts of the van. After talking with the insurance, 2 dealerships, roadside assistance, towing company, my brother/rescuer-Kirk and Bryan, we finally made it home 3 hours later. Jaden was still asking to go to the museum. He can't understand that we can't get there without a vehicle. Kirk brought us home since Bryan was working. This wrecked my day and Kirk's evening (and his family's evening) but I am very grateful to have had his help.

The only light at the end of my evening was that Clay got out of bed came out in the hallway to ask for another hug. He knows my weakness and I got up from the couch and got another hug from Clay and Jaden. That helped make the evening a little better.

Today we found out that we have to replace two tires, one rim and the battery. This is pretty much the best and cheapest scenario we could get away with so that is lessening my anger with myself. I am still not sure how this happened because I wasn't on the phone or yelling at my kids and in fact Clay was sleeping. I guess my lesson is watch out for curbs in the middle of the road but I already know this. I had 5 years going without an accident and now it is reset. The only person still mad about this happening is me so now I just need to get over it and move on.

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