Saturday, August 1, 2009

11 years with my love, Bryan

Today is my wedding anniversary. I am excited to be celebrating this day with the man I love!

To Bryan,
I still love every day that I get to be with you! There has not been a day that I wish I could have lived without you in these last 11 years. You have made everything in my life better (even the crying times) and made it more fun and more meaningful. You can get me to laugh like no one else. You know what I like and what I want more than anyone else. You can also bring me to tears but thankfully you are good at patching things up. I love going through life with you and I continue to look forward to our years together in the future!

I love processing life with you. You help me dream and live the fulfilled life that God wants for us. Thanks for giving me space to change and dream and grow. I know that it's not always easy when my dreams don't match what you want but I love that you want to work it out together.

Thanks for continually seeing the best in me. When I am at my worst, you know that I am better than that and encourage me to figure out what I need at that moment. You see me for what I have grown to be and who I can grow to become in the future. Thanks for loving me through all of life's changes.

Today is something to celebrate and I am glad we will finally get to do something even though it has not been what I planned.

This is my year to plan the anniversary surprise and hopefully it will live up to your expectations. I know that I need to decrease my expectations and let stuff go. After calling about 15 babysitters that were unable to watch out kids, Chrystine and Kirk, are able to watch them because the baby shower they were hosting got canceled due to the mother going into labor.

So, we have two options for part uno of our anniversary celebration:
1. Head out to Valleyfair for the evening and have fun going on rides together.
2. Dinner at a new, authentic Italian (our favorite food) restaurant, Arezzo Ristorante, and an outdoor concert at Lake Harriet.

Part dos of our anniversary will be an overnight away from the kids (when you don't work the next day) and Kirk and Chrystine can watch the boys. Details will be a surprise later.

Let's go have some fun!

Love you lots,



Bryan said...

Dear Raquel,

Eleven years of married bliss have come and gone in a blink of an eye. The only thing that makes it feel so full of life is all the wonderful times I remember us having together. I picked out this card because it reminded me how perfectly God designed you to make my life better! Through hard times you help me grow and give me support. During joyful times you celebrate with me. With your passion to be a better mom you make me to want to be a better Dad. For the way that you show sacrificial love to me that makes me love you all the more! In the way you can build a relationship full of love and commitment that allows you to share the hard truth with me to help me be a better person (We all know I need it). Through the way you make me want to sacrifice my self for the thrill of you chasing your dreams. You are more than I could imagine a wife could be! I love God more because He gave you to me!

Love you always and forever,


P.S. - Thanks for planning the awesome time at Valley Fair. Sorry the last ride made me to sick to drive home!

TB said...

I love you both :) Happy 11 Years! T.B.