Saturday, August 15, 2009

Am I a camper?

Last night I spent the night in a tent in my yard with my two boys. Bryan stayed inside the house with his family who is here visiting. Bryan didn't want to risk hurting his back or dealing with allergies and had to get up early to go to the PGA Championship. That was fine with me.

I am not completely sure how I ended up being a camper last night. I am sure there are campers out there that think last night does not make me a camper but I sure feel like one. I have always thought of myself as a hotel girl, not a tent girl. Jaden has been talking about camping and tents and the forest more and more. I knew that Bryan's mom had a tent so I thought it might be fun to go camping in our own yard. So that started the chain reaction that led to me sleeping in a tent without air conditioning when it was about 90% humidity and 80 degrees outside. The air mattress ended up deflating overnight so that is why we are not out there tonight. I actually enjoyed the peaceful night in the tent. The weather was quite similar to Honduras and it was relaxing.

I did not ever plan on becoming a camper but I may end up taking it up for the boys. I love finding out Jaden and Clay's interests and running with them. I think that quality is something I value in other people; when they care about my interests. I want to care about my kids' interests and passions no matter what they are. I truly look forward to falling in love with things in life that I never would have unless my kid's loved them first. Camping may be the first hobby I take up for my kids but it surely won't be the last.


TB said...

What a great post R :) I love that you look for such passion in others--including your kids and your friends! You are an amazing mom!!!!!!! :)

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