Tuesday, August 4, 2009

van mishaps

Van mishaps (as of Monday):

1. 1. 1. About 2 months ago the wind blew a grocery cart off of the sidewalk and it hit hard against my van passenger side.

2. 2 2. About a week ago, I hit a curb (on the way to the Children’s Museum) going about 40 mph and had to replace 2 flat tires, a rim, a hubcap (driver’s side) and a third tire to even out the tread.

3. Today (Monday) a dump truck’s wheel blew out beside me (passenger side) on the road to work, going about 60 mph. It was so loud I thought there should be some damage. So far there is nothing I can see. It sure did stink like rubber. I was afraid of damage to the only tire that wasn’t replaced last week.

Not sure what these mishaps are trying to tell me but I sure want this bad luck streak to end.

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