Thursday, August 20, 2009

recap of my day

A lot of stuff happened today. I feel like I went through a lot of highs and lows all in one day. Feeling a little emotional. I really should just sleep but blogging helps me process.

1. Took kids to school. Shortened Clay's tantrum about not eating breakfast at home. He was crying because he didn't want to eat in the van or at school. Jaden said, "I think Clay doesn't want to go to preschool." Probably right--too bad. It is for his own good because mommy needed it. Happy mom is necessary to have happy kids.
2. Met with my pastor. I love Upper Room and Kurt is so encouraging! Discussing ministry plans and how I will get involved.
3. Went to piano lessons and spent an hour and a half (only paid for 30 minutes) talking and learning with Hestia! She has so much to say and I love talking with her. It brings me joy!
4. Went home to get Bryan to go for lunch when he had to show me the caulking job he did in the bathrooms. I ended up critiquing him way too much and feeling bad that I didn't like his work and that I didn't appreciate what he had done. Bad wife. He knew I would react that way but I wish I could have just viewed it on my own and held my tongue until I let it settle in and let him finish the job.
5. Had lunch with Bryan. Tried to get over my ridiculous emotions attached to the caulk. Then had a great time sharing my life stories with Bryan from the last few days that we haven't seen each other. I worked days and he worked evenings so we have been missing each other.
6. Bryan left for work and I picked up the kids. We headed out to the Minnesota Arboretum--my new favorite place! We explored a new area and there were so many cool things built out of sticks. Jaden carried a big stick around on our hike. I got 3 big mosquito bites, ugh! Still itchy.
7. Listened to my mother-in-law and the load of stuff that she is carrying around on her shoulders. Praying that she gets some relief from the Healer.
8. Ate dinner at Culver's where I got puked on by Clay after he swallowed his first bite of hot dog (cut down the middle) without chewing it. Apparently the hot dog injured his throat or esophagus and he couldn't deal with it so he threw up. It was quite intentional and I tried calming him down but no luck. He threw up all over his food, the table, his pants, the floor, his hands and my hands. Not fun but we did get a new kids meal with another free ice cream on it. We saved it to use later.
9. Gave kids a bath without any toys after way too much splashing!
10. Yelled at Bryan on the phone for saying that mini-golf is too expensive for the 4 of us to do tomorrow afternoon. This even shocked the boys--I was trying to put them to bed and was really wishing that Bryan was here to do that job. I think we might go mini-golfing by our house in the afternoon, well, that is if I don't end up finishing the caulking job because Bryan is ticked at me. Thankfully, Bryan is very forgiving and I am pretty good at apologizing.
11. Listened to Bryan's sister's relationship troubles. Dating and finding a mate is hard work sometimes. Sure glad I already found mine!

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Anonymous said...

This is my daily prayer: "Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips." Psalm 141:3 I say way more than I should to cut down and never enough to encourage and way too many times my opinion doesn't do the right thing so I have to hold my tongue. Love you MOM