Tuesday, August 4, 2009

something to smile about

1. As I was leaving the kids’ preschool this morning, Jaden pounded on the window overlooking the parking lot. He got my attention and waved. I waved back and headed to my van. He pounded again and blew me a kiss. I blew one back. So sweet! Love that boy! I also got a second hug from Clay on the way out.

2. In passing, a coworker of mine asked me, “Are you having fun yet?” I responded with yes, without evening thinking about it. He then said, “Quit lying.” Then caught himself and said, “Well, you probably are having fun, aren’t you?” Again, I said yes but with thought behind it. Glad to know that people (or at least one person) thinks I am enjoying my job. I may not love my work but I do enjoy working and enjoy the people that I get to spend my time with while I’m working.

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TB said...

Thanks for the two happy thoughts :) Love 'em R! Miss you!!! :)