Friday, November 30, 2007

love my kids

Not sure why it is that I love my kids so much more when I get a break from them but that is really the way it is for me. Last night I was gone to our couples small group and when I returned to my two sleeping beauties (I think I can still call them that even though they are boys), I just wanted to watch them sleep a little while. Their peaceful sleeping made me think of all the things that I love about them. I also have so much more tolerance and understanding for them just being kids when I have a break from them. I probably need more breaks from my kids than most stay at home moms but I don't mind admitting that. I would like to think part of that is because Bryan works long hours and frequently overnight at the hospital. I think even if he didn't work long hours, I would still need lots of breaks from the kids. Well, thank goodness for finding reasons to take breaks from my kids. Last night it was my couples group. Tonight it was a baby shower. Other nights I take breaks to scrapbook. Gotta love those breaks from my kids. I love my boys more when I return and appreciate them more for who God made them to be. Tomorrow I will be with them all day until a break from them while at church--that is if it doesn't snow too much! Everyday should include a little break from my kids in a perfect world. I guess that is why small children take naps. Wow, I do love naps for them and for me. Need to go take a long nap as Jaden would call it--bedtime.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Someone reminded me tonight of the best thing about my kids. Thank God for people that are brave enough to ask, "What do you love most about your kids?" There is nothing I love more about my boys than to watch them make each other laugh. I can't help but smile and think I am blessed. They like to tickle each other and that belly laugh just comes out. They can hardly contain their happiness. I really need to get that on video to remind me of the good times of when they were this little. I would like to think I won't soon forget this but I am sure I will. Memories fade and I have to work to get them to stick. I can easily replay it in my head now but soon it will be hard to recall the details and the expressions on their faces. Laugh on, boys!

my husband is awesome!

Bryan surprised me with tickets to the CD release concert for Sara Groves (my favorite musician) for Saturday night (11/17/07). He arranged for a babysitter and ordered tickets without me knowing but the biggest deal of all was that he got a coworker to cover him for 6 hours while he was supposed to be on call working at the hospital Saturday night so that he could go with me to the concert in Minneapolis. He really did all that for me, not himself, even though he likes Sara Groves too. I know it was a lot of work and was not at all convenient for him. It is a great reminder to me of how much he loves me and that he would go to the ends of the earth for me if he needed to or if I needed him to. He is always there when I need him. I know he isn't always there when I want him but he doesn't let me down when it is important. This time it wasn't even critical to life, he just really wanted to make me happy and he sure did! I love you, Bryan! You made my year!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

big day

Today was a big day in my career as an aerospace engineer. No, I don't have a job yet but I did post my resume and cover letter to 24 jobs online for 5 aerospace companies in the Minneapolis area. Three of those jobs are dream jobs in other locations just for fun. One is in the LA area and the other two are in Houston.

I still have 4 more companies that I know of to go. I am sure I will keep finding more jobs to apply to but it feels really good to have a big start on things finally.

Bee movie

The boys and I had a blast going to a movie in the theater tonight. Mayo sponsored a free movie with free popcorn and drinks for the residents and fellows families tonight. Bryan had to work so I braved it on my own with the two boys. We saw a Bee Movie and it was hilariously. I laughed at the movie but got even more enjoyment out of watching Jaden and Clay's reaction to the movie. They frequently laughed out loud and pointed to the screen. It was just great to see a movie through their eyes a little bit. I wasn't planning on them making it through the hour and half movie because they never sit still for movies unless they are strapped into a carseat. However, we did see the entire movie, except a few minutes when Jaden asked to go to the bathroom (hallelujah!). Of course my boys weren't the quietest ones in the theater and at one point, an hour and 15 minutes into it, we had to get out of our row because Clay couldn't stay still and then both of them started to cry. They were fine once they could be mobile in the aisle to the doorway where we watched the last 15 minutes of the movie. We ended up staying up way past bed time and it was quite difficult getting them to the van, especially Jaden, but all in all it was a fun outing. I would do it again but probably not in the next week. Oh, on the way home Jaden told me he had to go potty and I didn't want to stop and take them both out of the van so I stopped and put the only pull-up I had on him under his underwear so that he didn't pee all over the carseat. I pulled over in a random parking lot to put the pull-up on and it tore and was unfixable but I put it on anyway to hold any pee it could. Luckily we made it home with dry underwear and a dry pull-up. Potty-training is a lot of work!