Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Shots are painful. Not just where the nurse sticks you but the affects afterward are not fun. All 4 of us got flu shots today and Clay got a couple more too. We are all a little cranky and need extra sleep. Clay actually sat still on my lap for 2 hours while I did stuff. He never sits still so you know he wasn't feeling well. Jaden and I are also dealing with colds so the flu aches and pains we feel don't make it any better. It will all be gone soon. Thankfully God created us to sleep often and it is so nice to recuperate by sleeping.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

two toddlers

So, I am pretty sure I have 2 toddlers right now which can be very difficult at times. I try and remind myself that others have more difficult situations than me but I tend to dwell on my own problems too much still. My two boys cause me to pray continually while I am at home with them. I suppose this is good but I am quite frustrated right now. It seems to rotate who is the naughtier boy day to day. Today is Jaden. I missed out on a half hour of time to get stuff done while Clay is napping because Jaden just wouldn't stay in his bed and kept being mischievious. Finally they are both napping but I am now regretting the time that I missed out on. I just pray now that God will help me let it go. Moving on...time for laundry and Bible study.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I am a pessimist. I wish I could say that I am a recovering pessimist but I am not there yet. I usually tell people that I am a realist because then I don't sound so depressed and I think it is more accurate. I describe my husband, Bryan, as an idealist but he is really an optimist if I am honest, well, sometimes he really is a wishful thinker.

For awhile now I think God has been trying to get a message of hope and joy through to my spirit but my pessimism/realism won't let it through. The question that has been plaguing me is:

Does God want all of His people to be optimists?

Should all of us be optimists? Why should we be optimists? How do we all become optimists? So there are more questions that go with that one main question but I keep coming back to that.

I think I know the answer. It is yes because our God, the God, is a God of hope and a God of never-ending possibilities.

Now I am just stuck on how to let God change me to be an optimist. I can use any advice I can get. I am sure there will be lots more prayer and molding going on in my life in this area. Stay tuned...

Washington DC

We got back from DC over a week ago but I never wrote anything about it so I will now. We had such a great time with friends in the city. Part of our heart will always be in the DC area. We had 5 dinners with different groups of people: newer couple friends, UMD friends, older couple friends, other UMD friends and church staff friends. We saw other friends during the day on Saturday but most days the kids and I just hungout. Bryan wasn't really impressed by either of the hospitals he interviewed with because the first one was so very disorganized and the second one wouldn't hire him part-time. We still hope to visit the DC area again but we don't think we will be moving there any time soon.

We were praying that God would let us know whether or not we should move back or seriously consider this an option. We really felt like it is not an option for now. We will keep pursuing Minneapolis for both of us to work part-time.

My job search is moving along but slower than I want it to be going. It is a lot of work to look for a job and I don't have much time to commit to it. More updates will be made as they develop but for now, my resume is done and I need to get some cover letters ready. I have 9 companies in the Minneapolis area that I am submitting my resume with online.