Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Washington DC

We got back from DC over a week ago but I never wrote anything about it so I will now. We had such a great time with friends in the city. Part of our heart will always be in the DC area. We had 5 dinners with different groups of people: newer couple friends, UMD friends, older couple friends, other UMD friends and church staff friends. We saw other friends during the day on Saturday but most days the kids and I just hungout. Bryan wasn't really impressed by either of the hospitals he interviewed with because the first one was so very disorganized and the second one wouldn't hire him part-time. We still hope to visit the DC area again but we don't think we will be moving there any time soon.

We were praying that God would let us know whether or not we should move back or seriously consider this an option. We really felt like it is not an option for now. We will keep pursuing Minneapolis for both of us to work part-time.

My job search is moving along but slower than I want it to be going. It is a lot of work to look for a job and I don't have much time to commit to it. More updates will be made as they develop but for now, my resume is done and I need to get some cover letters ready. I have 9 companies in the Minneapolis area that I am submitting my resume with online.

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