Wednesday, October 24, 2007

two toddlers

So, I am pretty sure I have 2 toddlers right now which can be very difficult at times. I try and remind myself that others have more difficult situations than me but I tend to dwell on my own problems too much still. My two boys cause me to pray continually while I am at home with them. I suppose this is good but I am quite frustrated right now. It seems to rotate who is the naughtier boy day to day. Today is Jaden. I missed out on a half hour of time to get stuff done while Clay is napping because Jaden just wouldn't stay in his bed and kept being mischievious. Finally they are both napping but I am now regretting the time that I missed out on. I just pray now that God will help me let it go. Moving on...time for laundry and Bible study.

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