Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I am a pessimist. I wish I could say that I am a recovering pessimist but I am not there yet. I usually tell people that I am a realist because then I don't sound so depressed and I think it is more accurate. I describe my husband, Bryan, as an idealist but he is really an optimist if I am honest, well, sometimes he really is a wishful thinker.

For awhile now I think God has been trying to get a message of hope and joy through to my spirit but my pessimism/realism won't let it through. The question that has been plaguing me is:

Does God want all of His people to be optimists?

Should all of us be optimists? Why should we be optimists? How do we all become optimists? So there are more questions that go with that one main question but I keep coming back to that.

I think I know the answer. It is yes because our God, the God, is a God of hope and a God of never-ending possibilities.

Now I am just stuck on how to let God change me to be an optimist. I can use any advice I can get. I am sure there will be lots more prayer and molding going on in my life in this area. Stay tuned...

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