Saturday, July 4, 2009


We decided to take a little vacation while we are not working and are not in Honduras. We are headed to the Wisconsin Dells for two nights. We are really looking forward to the big waterparks and relaxing in a hotel. Jaden is most excited about eating at the hotel. He has been asking to go to a hotel for weeks now. We have a big room, enough to sleep 8 people because it was the same price to have 6 or 4 people in the room (2 more people cost more money). We are taking Bryan's sister, Kim, with us and a friend of hers.

I am looking forward to spending so much time in the water that we get wrinkly.

We had a blast the last two days as we went to our friends wedding on Friday night. Andy and Sarah are in our Meal Group from church and have become fast friends. Not being in Honduras was more worth it because we got to share in their big day.

Tonight we celebrated the 4th of July with some coworkers of Bryan's at their beautiful house. The kids had a blast playing with many new friends. They had more than their fair share of sugar tonight. Marshmallows, smores, DQ dilly bars, juice boxes and more marshmallows! Wow, that's a lot of sugar. We had fun in the hot tub and around the fireplace and the boys also enjoyed the huge playroom and Kung Fu Panda on the big screen with surround sound. What a party house! We also had a good view of the Edina, MN fireworks. This was the first year that both boys really enjoyed watching the fireworks and didn't cover their eyes and ears, as they did last year when we watched them over Mt. Rushmore. Too bad the boys couldn't hold it any longer and had to use the trees as a toilet. We forgot to take them to the bathroom before we walked a few blocks away to watch the fireworks. Oh well, kids keep life interesting. I am not a fan of people peeing in public places but our friend was ready to take Jaden in the trees which made me nervous...Bryan stepped in to help. There was definite peer pressure to use the trees. I am really hoping that the kids do not think it is ok to pee outside whenever they want. This is a very dangerous path for 3 and 4 year old boys.

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TB said...

I agree with that dangerous "tree peeing path"...... watch out :) I do not let Jack at ALL even though a few families around us do....

Sorry your plans did not work out the way you planned. Enjoy the Dells :) You can drive another 7 hours here if you want to visit :):):)