Thursday, July 2, 2009

poor Honduras

It is saddening to see how the rest of the world is responding to Honduras. I think was happened in Honduras was harsh but it was done correctly according to the Honduran Constitution. It seems that the worldwide media is misrepresenting what happened and is making it appear that the Honduran government is violating the democracy they have put in place. This is not true. Former President Zelaya violated the laws of the country and needed to be removed from power. Why is it that so many countries, including the US, want Zelaya reinstated as president? Because they think he should be the democratic leader but legally he should not be any more. It seems to me that the other countries of the world need to wake-up and do some research into the Honduran Constitution and what exactly Zelaya did before he was arrested. It is really sad to see that the US, UN, EU, Organization of American States (OAS) and many other countries are not recognizing the new president and have already or are threatening to cutoff aid and trade to Honduras. It doesn't seem possible that so many governments could be misinformed but somehow it has happened.

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We have been getting relgular updates from the missionaries in Honduras. Zelaya is currently planning to return on Sunday. Here is the latest from Cornerstone and Loma de Luz Hospital:

The vast majority of Hondurans do not want him [Zelaya] and there was no military coup. He was legally separated from power by following the Honduran constitution--and without a drop of blood being shed--and the entire government that was in place prior to Zelaya’s expulsion is still in place and preceding democratically & entirely within the framework of their constitution...headed by the leader of the same party to which Zelaya formerly belonged. The Congress has impeached Zelaya unanimously & the Supreme court and the Fiscal General have at least 18 offences of provable charges out against him, ranging from malfeasance to fraud to treason. Beyond his resignation letter left behind, they have found 60 million lempiras in cash in Zelaya’s office, along with clear evidence linking him to Hugo Chavez’s Cocaine cartel. 260 million lempiras in cash was found in the hotel room that he was using to run the illegal referendum from.... The list goes on & on.
In Honduras in every major city tens of thousands of supporters of the ouster of Zelaya march peacefully in the streets in support of the new government (wearing white and carrying Honduran flags)... Every day....while a few hundred professional agitators (many of them being Venezuelans brought in for this purpose) and typical ‘ner-do-wells that are organized to support Zelaya are breaking windows and burning tires and throwing rocks and getting the intermational news coverage. Dr. Jeff has spoken to many, many Hondurans.... Particularly those out in the countryside in the area of the hospital. Even those who formerly supported Zelaya (before he tried to change the constitution regarding term limits) do not want Zelaya to come back. Not a single one wants him to return.

We will be waiting to see what happens on Sunday and Monday. The government is promising to arrest Zelaya as soon as he sets foot on Honduran soil. We are anticipating more problems to come in Honduras but are praying for the best there. It would be best for Zelaya to not return to power and for all countries to recognize the new president and go back to the friendly standing that everyone had with Honduras before this situation. That seems like a big miracle right now but I know that God can make that happen.

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