Monday, July 20, 2009

vacation ends, routine begins

We are finally back home after being on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks. We had lots of fun in Wisconsin Dells, Jamestown and Fargo, ND. We spent lots of time with family and had lots of down time. We tried to fill up our time with fun things to do and we did a lot.

We went down numerous waterslides, sat in many hot tubs, saw the Dells water ski show, swam in the Jamestown pool, went to the Stutsman County Fair, ate lots of fair food, rode in my dad's Model T and threw candy with the boys in a parade, watched the local dirt track car races (Jaden loved them), went to my parents' church, watched the new Veggie Tales movie on a big screen, went to the Red River Valley Fair, ate more fair food, played mini golf with the boys for the first time, watched Bryan and his brother play softball, went to the Fargo Street Fair and helped as a crossing guard, ate even more fair food, went to Eric and Laura's church, took naps, then woke-up and drove safely at home.

The trip was about as much fun as you can have in Wisconsin and North Dakota. I am sure we will return to both places for more fun.

Despite all of that fun, I am continually reminded of the sadness that remains that we did not go to Honduras. I am sure that we made the right choice because the protests and political unrest continue there. The US Embassy there is still not recommending Americans to travel to Honduras.

I opened up a book to read in Fargo and the bookmark was from World Medical Mission (our sending agency to Honduras). Sadness and longing set-in. I read another email from a missionary to Loma de Luz Hospital and wish we could help. We return home to find 7 fully packed large pieces of luggage ready to go to Honduras. They are filled with medical supplies and gifts for the missionaries. I am still saddened by not being able to go to Honduras. I am sure that with time the saddness will lesson. Hopefully we will have another trip to look forward to soon.

We are planning on returning to Honduras in February 2010 and/or the summer of 2010. Any donations that we received for the trip will be held by World Medical Mission (WMM) until we take another trip. If you donated money to us through WMM and would like it returned to you, that is no problem, just let us know. We will be contacting everyone with our future plans which are still in the works.

Now life is in the process of getting back to the routine again. Bryan and I go to work tomorrow, Tuesday, and the kids go back to school. We have a ton of email and mail to read and a list of many chores to do. The to do list is a little long right now but hopefully by the weekend it will be more manageable. Tonight we are getting back to our sleeping routine after many late nights with family. Goodnight.

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