Monday, July 7, 2008

We leave for Honduras tomorrow!

One more post before we go...

We leave for Honduras tomorrow!!! We will be up bright and early around 4am to get to our flight leaving at 7:20am out of Minneapolis. We are starting off the trip a little easier with 4 nights in Roatan (island off the coast of Honduras) for a little family vacation.

We could definitely use your prayer for the next 48 hours of transition and flying. We are taking 7 boxes of medical supplies, one large suitcase, 4 carry-ons and two hopefully-pleasant kids with us on our 11 hour journey from Minneapolis to La Ceiba tomorrow. Please pray that we don't have complications with our luggage through customs and getting to La Ceiba. Also pray for the journey from the airport to our first hotel in La Ceiba and for the transportation of the supplies to the hospital. We will take a ferry to Roatan on Wednesday and be there for 4 nights. We will be at the Loma de Luz Hospital on July 13th.

Today I am saying goodbye to a lot of luxury. The luxuries of Walmart and Target and going outside without bugspray and sunscreen every time. The luxuries of air conditioning and soft, comfy beds (well, I will hope for this in Honduras too). The luxuries of fast food and not cooking every meal. We will miss Minnesota and all of our friends and family. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as we are gone.

We are praying that God does some work on us while we are in Honduras. I pray that I have more of the heart of Christ and that my heart breaks when his does. I pray that I will appreciate my life in America more. I pray that he will use our family to bless the Honduran people and the missionaries there.

Thanks for your prayers.

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Lisa Michelle Turner said...

Yay! It's finally here. I can't wait to hear about all that God does with your family. It's going to be an amazing trip! We're praying for you all!!!