Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008: Nap issues

It is official--my kids are having nap issues. Today I put them in separate rooms. I took away their blankets, cuddly animals, pillows and held them in bed numerous times. It still took Clay an hour to fall asleep and Jaden another 20 minutes (better than the previous worst of 2 hours last week). It is torture while they play, hurt themselves, look out the windows, get out of bed, and poke and prod each other. I gave them rewards and priveleges before nap that got taken away too. I don't know what else to do.

Other than nap time, we've had fun. We made a lime dessert, limeade (yummy fresh limes) and played with new toys. We had lots of fun and very little naughtiness, except nap time. Tomorrow I'm going to try to put them down earlier. I have already tried laying with them and not laying with them--both times they were naughty. It doesn't matter if I leave the room or if I stay in the room. I am hoping that God gives me some new ideas to try. I did threaten Jaden that he would have to sleep on the dirty, hard tile floor if he didn't lay nicely on the couch. I know they are tired and need naps because they get quite cranky without them and they always seem to fall asleep, but it just take a long time.

I even sang extra songs and read extra stories because they were good this mroning and to help them calm down thoroughly before naps. I'm at the end of my rope and need some more to hang onto my sanity.

I got pooped on by one of the million geckos today.

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Teresa said...

Oh my dear sweet Raquel. I can just see you getting pooped on by a gecko...brought a smile to my face! (and the thought of the stinkin' geiko commercials...can't think of a Gecko without Geiko!) Sorry about the nap issues...I can sympathize 100%! How about a sheet of paper that has little "tabs" on the bottom that you can tear off and for every "10" minutes (or whatever time you choose) that they lay nice without being naughty, where you do not have to go in to say something, they get a reward when they wake up. If that is confusing, I mean that you tear one off for everytime they are naughty and if they are all gone, then something happens...even if they have one or two left, they can do or have something....perhaps a special moment with dad or a treat...i don't know if that would work or not but trying to help out without you needing a lot of resources! :) Miss you!