Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i know i shouldn't be posting right now

I think my title is funny because I am telling myself what I don't want to hear. I am at Caribou Coffee using the free wifi because we have no internet service in Apple Valley, MN. Bryan is at home putting the boys to bed. We have had an extremely crazy past 3 weeks. I can't believe it has been 3 weeks of craziness but it truly has.

We leave for Honduras in 1 week!!!!!!!! I can't put enough exclamation points there. We have so much to do still, it seems. My head is swimming with stuff I am trying to remember at a moments notice. I am forgetting stuff all the time because there is just no room left in my head. I am emotionally, physically and whatever-else-ally spent! I just want to clear a little bit of stuff out of my head but I was unsuccessful in doing that in my last conversation with Bryan. I feel that God is stretching me to my limits. I also know that he knows my limits better than me and he is coming through when I need him in the small stuff. I just keep telling myself out loud that we are doing the "right" thing, the God thing that God wants us to do by doing this Honduras trip.

Even in the all the craziness God is calming me somehow. He calms me because I get to go through this craziness with my husband. He calms me when I am spent on finding modest yet stylish shirts (I dislike shopping) at a good price. I can't believe I just found 2 shirts at Walmart when I wasn't even looking. He calms me when my kids sleep. He calms me because I don't have to cook right now. He calms me when I know that he is providing financially for us in ways I never imagined.

Ok, enough deep thought trying to be understandable. Gotta get more done so I can sleep a little tonight. We are off to the Black Hills of South Dakota Wednesday morning for 4 nights and then one day to pack. We leave for Honduras in 1 week!!!! I know I already said that.

I hope to post again when we get to Honduras on the 8th/9th. Might not have a chance to before then. Love to all my readers. Thanks for caring and praying!

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nicole said...

God Bless and can't wait to hear about all your works in Honduras when you get back.