Wednesday, May 14, 2008

things went downhill

After my wonderful Mother's Day, it had to be spoiled...

Jaden woke up early Monday morning, a little after midnight, with a fever and feeling pretty sick. I was up with him off and on the whole night and Bryan tried to help out too. Since then, Jaden has thrown up more times than I can count and has had a fever and headache and overall crankiness. He has spent many hours crying and being held. I feel really bad for him. It has been three days now and I think he is starting to feel better. This morning he started to get back to his old antics of fighting with his brother.

We have prayed for Jesus to heal Jaden and make him feel better many times. About halfway through the day on Monday Jaden started asking when Jesus would heal him and how long it would take. I can't answer that and tried to reassure him that he would get better but sometimes it just takes awhile. Now he has taken to saying, "Sometimes it takes a long time for Jesus to make me better." I think he is just reminding himself that he will get better but it might take a long time, in his mind. It is so cute to hear him say it.

I am incredibly sleep deprived from him not sleeping well and throwing up in the middle of the night, every night. Bryan is now gone for 2 days to Washington DC for a conference and I am left to deal with sick Jaden and I hope it doesn't turn into sick Clay. I really think that Clay has a stronger immune system than Jaden because he never throws up when he gets sick and frequently Jaden gets a GI virus like this and Clay never gets it. I am really hoping that stays true.

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