Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mother's day couldn't have been nicer

Bryan planned a great Mother's Day for us in Minneapolis.

We went to church Saturday night before Mother's Day and that freed up Sunday morning to look at a few houses in Minneapolis. We did this with the kids and it might be the last time that happens because Jaden came close to breaking some stuff and damaging furniture. It was nice to look at 4 houses anyway.

Then we went and grabbed a quick lunch at Subway in downtown St. Paul and headed over to a concert. Bryan found a special free Mother's Day concert put on by the St. Paul Symphony which they do every year. I love that is was free because who knows how our kids would do. It was at the Landmark Center and we had awesome seats in the balcony overlooking the orchestra. The kids were quite entertained by the people playing all of the different instruments. I am not musical at all but truly hope that I can get my kids to be appreciative of music. I have always wished that I could play an instrument and maybe someday I will still learn. It is on my life goal list. The kids did ok during the concert and Clay sat longer than Jaden which is to be expected. We did spill some soda and cheesy crackers flew everywhere and almost on people's heads below during the last song. We had to escape a little early but we got to be there for most of it which is better than I expected. The music was beautiful and relaxing and it was so nice to share it with my boys and husband.

After that we drove around looking at a bunch of houses for sale from the exterior while the boys napped in the van. We stopped and got some delicious cookies from a French cafe in Edina for a snack and kept driving to look at some more houses.

By the time we were completely famished, the only restaurant around with quick food was Burger King. We made the best of it and got some food to go, along with some yummy donuts from a Southwest Minneapolis bakery and took our food to a park. We ate at Minnehaha Falls on a picnic table which was nice to be outside with the kids. We walked around some by the falls and the river and then wrapped things up by putting the boys in their pajamas before driving back to Rochester. What a wonderful day!!!
Here the kids are paying attention to the music. I think Jaden only lasted about 5 minutes but Clay sat/stood for almost a half hour.
My boys being cute with the waterfall in the background. I love that this is in the city. What a great place to getaway and relax.

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