Wednesday, May 21, 2008

lots of uncertainty

Things are getting less stressful in our house. My to do list is getting shorter, which is good and it is calming. There is still a lot of uncertainty like what is happening for Memorial Day weekend and when we will find a house to buy and lots of unknowns about Honduras but all of those things will come together.

My thoughtful friend, Rhiannon, asked me recently about if I have been getting migraines during this stressful time. I used to get really bad migraine headaches during my undergrad and graduate school years but I no longer suffer with them as badly. I still get a bad migraine every once in awhile but they are still not as bad as they used to be. I think my stress level now is still nothing compared to what I felt in grad school.

This morning Bryan went to a free medical supply facility associated with Mayo Clinic and its hospitals and picked up lots of stuff to take with us to Honduras. We are still waiting to get our tickets but we will most likely be going from July 9th to August 5/6th. We are in the process of writing a letter for support-both prayer and money-that will get sent out to everyone we know shortly. We are going to Hospital La Loma de La Luz in Balfate, Honduras right along the Caribbean coast. Here is a picture of the hospital. They have a guesthouse where we will be staying. We are very excited that Bryan gets to do mission work in a hospital that is openly sharing Jesus Christ's life and love with the local people. There are lots of opportunities for me while I am there but we probably won't be sure what I will do until we get there. We now have all of our vaccinations to go (all 25 of them + 1 more for Clay in June) and Clay's passport is in process. There are lots of pictures on the hospital's website which was established by the Cornerstone Foundation. We are going on our trip through World Medical Mission, which is part of Samaritan's Purse (Operation Christmas Child).

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