Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Clay's 2nd Birthday Party

Clay will be 2 on June 12th but we celebrated a little early because family was nearby (in the Minneapolis area). We stayed in Apple Valley with Bryan's parents and my parents were at my brother's house in Rosemount. Kirk and Chrystine were wonderful hosts for Clay's Curious George party. Clay had a blast and loved all the attention and presents for him. I think he fell more in love with George too! It was so cute to watch him be very excited for a few hours. We colored a George picture, made George flip books, ate pizza and pasta, celebrated with a Curious George Dairy Queen ice cream cake (yummy!) and watched Curious George, The Movie! It was a fun time. Everyone loved watching Clay be so expressive!

I forgot to order Clay's cake until the morning of the part on Saturday and God came through to help me on the 3rd DQ I called. I also found out that ice cream cake is not the best thing for Clay's sensitive teeth. He doesn't enjoy very cold things, like ice cream, and says it is 'hot.' He ate about 2 bites but everyone else enjoyed his cake for him. At his first birthday, he wasn't too into the cake we had for him either, maybe next year we will try a big cookie.

Here are the best of pictures, more to come later.

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