Thursday, May 29, 2008

Honduras supplies

This morning the boys and I went to a big warehouse that the Mayo Clinic uses to donate medical supplies to hospitals and clinics around the world. Anyone can go and pick up free supplies but only on Wednesday mornings and you never know what they will have. They have a ton of stuff but it might not be the right stuff for the right place. We had fun there this morning and there are a great group of people who sort through everything to package it to send around the world in trucks/crates.

Bryan went last week when he had the morning off. Today we went again without Bryan and it was a blast! We came home with 5 boxes of goods. We have repacked and narrowed them down to 3 boxes. It is so great to be collecting stuff for free that others can use in Honduras. We will keep collecting more stuff in the weeks to come but now we can be more selective in just the items that remain needed.

Another Honduras update is that we finally got our plane tickets last Friday! We had to get 4 tickets because Clay will officially be 2 years old on June 12th. We fly out of Minneapolis and into La Ceiba, Honduras on Tuesday, July 8th. We return from Honduras on August 6th. The tickets were pretty pricey--$3500! It is more than we wish they cost but less than the max that they could be!

The hospital we are going to is in Balfate so someone from the hospital will pick us up and all of our stuff in La Ceiba and drive us about an hour south.

We are very excited about all of the details that are coming together!!!

Here is a picture of Bryan sorting through some of the medical supplies.

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