Tuesday, May 27, 2008

last overnight call

Today and tomorrow will be Bryan's last 30 hour shift at the hospital. He has been working from about 7am this morning and should get off by 1pm Wednesday. When he is on call overnight, the kids and I try to go and meet him for dinner between 5 and 6pm. Tonight was our last time to do that before Bryan finishes residency. He is very excited to be almost done with call. I am a little bit sad because these times have been very memorable and fun and because out time in Rochester is almost done. I am extremely happy about seeing Bryan more and looking forward to his part-time work schedule.

Here is our adventure every 4th night during the bad call months. This is where we always park unless it is 20 below zero or raining--then we pay for the garage. Below is St. Mary's Hospital. There were some months he was at the other Mayo hospital, Methodist Hospital, but that was more rare. "Mom, can we please ride the car?"

We are paging Bryan and waiting for him to call us back to meet us in the cafeteria.

The boys' favorite place to run!

"I want to push the button."
"No, I get to push the button."
"No, it's my turn."
"No, me first."
"I already pushed it."
and so the fight goes...

My two cuties in a rare loving moment.
We have eaten lots of cafeteria food which isn't all that bad because I didn't have to cook it and it is paid for by Mayo.

We have done lots of laughing, running, chasing and falling in this courtyard.

Any man in a white coat and blue scrubs was thought to be daddy at one time or another. Probably the best part of being in the hospital on call is that he gets to where scrubs instead of a suit and tie--Bryan's preference, not necessarily mine, but both are nice.
Our last night, and we finally got the fire engine! They got extra spoiled with chocolate milk and ice cream too.

The famous "rainbow window."

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Sarah said...

Great pictures, and how wonderful you've been able to bring the kids to see their dad on call! William too has been growing up thinking that the hospital is a fun place to go play. :)

Congrats to Bryan and the whole family!!!