Friday, May 2, 2008


I am once again asking for prayer. I know that my life is full of blessing but right now I have way too much to do and my list is way too long. My worries include all the stuff that goes with moving, finding a new house, figuring out details for our Honduras trip, transferring over everything we do with various ministries to new people and making time to play with my kids. Please pray that I will not feel overwhelmed and that God would help me accomplish things little by little.

I know that my kids are feeling the stress too which is clear by them misbehaving. Jaden has thrown a couple tantrums lately, kicking and screaming, which he has never done. This week has been rough for many reasons. Coming back from a wonderful vacation to my naughtier than usual kids and dealing with the stresses of moving and sleep deprivation. Jaden has decided that it is ok to kick, hit, bite, runaway, yell and just be all around naughty. It is rubbing off on Clay so there have actually been kicking and hitting fights in our house, which is a first. I know that the kids missed us while we were in Paris and I know that they didn't get much discipline with the grandparents while we were gone. That just makes for a really tough week for me. It is made even worse because I am trying to accomplish a lot of things right now with misbehaving kids and all I really need is a nap. I haven't taken naps all week because of trying to get things done but today is different, a nap is definitely needed.

Just keep me in your prayers.

There have been moments of happiness that I want to include and fall asleep thinking about. My kids have gotten to play outside a lot this week. I love our deck and they do to. It has been fun watching them play out there. We also had a very fun play date with Jaden's favorite girl, Jenna, at her house with a very big yard and huge trampoline. We all had a blast. I also officially handed off the website management for my Bible study to another lady. Best of all, I get to scrapbook tonight while Bryan takes care of the boys and I head to the new store in Rochester. My old neighborhood scrapbook store got bought out and moved down the road so I am excited to go there and check it out and get some pages done.

Off to take a nap.

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