Saturday, March 29, 2008

my husband is here for me

My husband says that he is here now to destress me and make me happy. I wish him luck and hope that he does. I have anxiety and worry about everything right now it seems. I don't want to say that it is a lot to deal with but in reality I am really stressed. I know that my kids feel it too and wish that I could change myself for them.

I am stressed about
-not having great house options in Minneapolis
-not having enough time to get my to do list done
-planning trip to San Diego
-planning trip to Paris
-doing the huge, expanding dirty dish pile
-doing laundry before trip
-getting time away from the kids
-getting time to search for jobs (I am fine with not getting a job if I put in my best effort, but lately it has been no effort)
-spilling orange juice on the laptop

I look over my list and I know that I should realize that this list of stresses is really a list of blessings. I need to focus more on the positive and I know.

I am blessed because
-I get to go to San Diego with my family
-I get to go to Paris with my husband
-We have money to look for a house because our sold (or is in the process)
-I don't have to get a job because we can live on Bryan's salary
-My husband did the dishes for me a few days ago so the pile is smaller
-My husband's schedule is lighter now so he can help me get things done on the to do list
-The laptop seems to be ok despite the juice

I just need to read this list of positives more frequently now.

On another note, I updated our Easter pictures online. See the link below, to the right.

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