Thursday, March 20, 2008

goooood day

Today was the kind of day I wish I had every day. The boys and I had a relaxing few hours this morning at home despite my kids doing some naughty things and experiencing a few timeouts. More to come on that later. We left the house picked up and headed to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny. I did not get any pictures of either of my sons anywhere near the big bunny. They were both terrified of it. Jaden ran away numerous times and Clay screamed and cried when I tried to get him to give the bunny a high five. Anyway, it was still worth it to meet friends there and have lunch together and play inside together. I wasn't really expecting much from my kids for pictures anyway because Jaden had been asking to go to another mall all morning where there was no Easter Bunny.

The kids fell asleep on the car ride home which made my life easier but then they didn't sleep long enough once we got home and both woke up crying. We were only home for a short while and then it was off see dad at the hospital and have dinner together. I really enjoyed this today even though it was rushed because we haven't gotten to see him the last three times he has been on call overnight at the hospital. We quickly rushed away so that we could get home in time for the babysitter and me to leave for our small group couples Bible study. Our wonderful babysitter, Christen, was waiting at our house when we got there and she had a present for the boys from her vacation...Cars movie figurines. The boys loved them and Jaden asked to leave them out to show dad tomorrow. I spent a conversational two and a half hours with good friends talking about Hebrews. It was enlightening and inspiring. I left feeling encouraged.

After I left small group around 9pm, I headed over to a celebratory gathering for a friend. Marwan, our friend from Jordan, just found out today that he is going to residency in internal medicine (like Bryan) at Tufts University in Boston. He and his wife, Rasha, are very happy but we wish they were staying closer to us because they are wonderful Christian friends. Too bad they didn't match for residency at University of Minnesota or at Mayo. I say 'match' because today was Match Day where all medical students and others applying for residency find out where they are headed to train. Everyone finds out today and it can be a very emotional day for many. I remember this day 3 years ago very clearly at Georgetown when Bryan found out that we were headed to Mayo. We expected the Mayo answer but it was still a very emotional time for us and everyone around us at the school.

After a short time at the party, I had to leave early (10:30pm) to let Christen get home and for me to get some sleep. I had to blog about today because it was so goooood and full and it was full of some of the most important things...people and investing in relationships.

I am already dreaming of blogging about some of the mishaps I have had with the boys lately. I need to write them down to remind me to laugh more. It will have to wait. There is a snow storm brewing here. We are supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow tonight and through tomorrow. It is kind of exciting and kind of disappointing because this winter has been a long one. My parents are coming tomorrow (Friday) for Easter weekend so not sure when I will have time to blog again.

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