Friday, March 21, 2008

my entertaining boys

I wanted to share some highlights (and low-lights) from my life with my boys over the past few days. (in no particular order)

1. Took nap on loveseat while boys watched the loud Cars movie for thousandth time; not sure how I fell asleep but I must have been really tired. Didn't expect to fall asleep and almost missed church on Saturday night (Bryan working).

2. Jaden yelling, "Clay, give me that or I'll tickle you. One, two, three..."

3. Clay coloring all over one of my serving trays from Ikea. At least it wasn't the wall and I think I can clean the cheap tray.

4. Clay enjoying sitting on Jaden's lap and Jaden asking him to sit on his lap. They are rarely in agreement about an activity.

5. Clay yelling, "Hey, you!"

6. Clay saying, "This, this, this" before he does something he thinks is entertaining.

7. Clay saying, "Look it" when he is fishing for a complement.

8. Locking myself in the bathroom to get a little space from my cranky boys. The phone rang and then they both were at the door yelling and crying. "Mom, the phone is ringing," says Jaden, "Come out Mom." "You don't want me to come out right now. Go play," I respond.

9. Jaden questioning everything in depth. "Why did that squirrel die? Why didn't he run faster? Why didn't he go to his home?"

10. Jaden telling me that "Jesus died but he is not dead any more," after his preschool teacher told him the Easter story that morning.

11. Jaden telling me that we can give his little bus away because it doesn't fit in the bag with all the cars any more. This means so much to me because we have given away lots of his toys lately as we clean out things to sell our house. Sometimes he was pretty sad about having to give up his toys so I hid some of it from him.

12. Clay saying, "Why." He says this all the time right now but doesn't know what it means and doesn't expect an answer.

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