Monday, March 10, 2008

our house is sold!

I just got the call from my realtor in Rochester that our counteroffer was accepted and our house is sold! Praise be to God for answered prayer! I was really praying that God would bless the sale of our house however He wanted to, whether that was to sell it quickly or at our asking price. The soon-to-be new owners bought our house for $181,000 which is the same amount that we bought it for 3 years ago. That means we definitely lost money (after realtor fees and closing costs) but we are just so happy that it sold and blessed that it sold so quickly.

It is funny to think that this house got an offer in 3 days in a slow market and our old condo got the offer that eventually bought the house in 6 days in a hot market. We feel totally blessed and want to make sure that we continue to bless others with our money and the gifts that God has given us.

We will keep you updated on the details as they come. We have to get the house inspected now and we are praying for very few problems there too.

We have a realtor now in the Minneapolis area so we will be looking for houses soon but not sure when because our schedules are crazy with Bryan on call every fourth night this month. That means that we really only see him for 2 evenings and then he is out of commission for the next 2 days. He only has 1 day off a week so we will see if we can use that to look at houses soon.

Thanks for your prayers. We know that God answers prayers.


carol.langer said...

Awesome! I'm soo happy for you guys! Now lets hope we can get ours sold.

Laurie said...

Yahoo!! Dan said to think of the closing costs and realtor fees as "rent" so it doesn't seem like a real loss. Go Minneapolis! I know of a great duplex in Eden Prairie...

Roxanne said...

That's so awesome! Oh the fun of moving and unpacking! Enjoy!