Sunday, March 16, 2008

house decision

We need to decide what kind of house we really want to buy in the Minneapolis area and how much money we really want to spend. We could get something really nice (in my opinion) for more money but we are trying to decide how much money is worth spending on a home. We are so influenced by those around us as to how big of a house you should buy and what things it should have in it. Yesterday (Saturday) we looked at about 10 townhouses in Eden Prairie and all them were quite nice and some were really nice. We are concerned about being able to sell it again if we end up moving in a few years because there are so many townhouses to compete with. We are really hoping to downsize in the square footage of our home but upgrade in amenities, like having a master bath. We are still quite undecided what to do. We could get an older home and just live with fewer amenities and it would be stand alone (not connected to others like a townhome) but it costs about the same amount of money as a townhouse. We really don't want our own yard so we don't care about having our house connected with others yet we want to make the best investment for resale of our home. We just aren't sure what to do and we are praying a lot about it. Bryan and I are hoping that God makes it clear to each of us what we should do.

We spent another day, all day, at home today because Clay still isn't feeling that great and he is teething a lot. He spent most of the day crying and wearing me out but I did pretty good, with God's help, not to yell. He now has 11 teeth and yes is behind average on the teeth chart but I think he is trying to catch up pretty quickly. Ouch!

Yesterday we were so grateful to our friends, Derek and Lacy, for watching our boys while we looked at houses. We got them some dinner and they go to eat with my brother, Kirk, and his family and spend some time holding Brinley. Wish that we could have seen her again too but we don't want to expose them to Clay's cold. We are looking forward to seeing them for Easter with my parents.

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