Tuesday, March 25, 2008

day with Jaden

I spent the whole day with Jaden while Clay was at daycare. This gave Jaden some much needed one on one time with mom. We had a great time at the bread store at story hour with friends, Elizabeth and Jonathan, and their mommies. We ate lots of free yummy cinnamon chip bread and had some free cookies too. After that we spent some time looking for Diego books at the library which were all checked out but we did get some books on California, Paris and France. Free books are awesome! Jaden and I took much needed naps and then he got to watch a movie with dad before Clay came home.

Funny moments of the day: Jaden announcing loudly that he is "just tooting" while we were in the quiet adult section of the library after I asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom.

Right now the boys are fighting sleep and Jaden is yelling, "I'm scared of something, mommy." Not sure what to do about that. Last night he went to bed saying that he was scared of a storm coming. It was really windy and howling through the windows. I need to be more creative in helping him overcome his fears but I need some help.

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