Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a great Easter holiday with family. There was definitely some stress and anxiety with all of the indecisiveness surrounding Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I did calm down and enjoy the time despite the anxiety.

It is so great to be reminded of the basics of my Christian faith and I don't think we can focus too much on Jesus on the cross for us and defeating death for us.

We had a few indoor egg hunts this Easter where my boys and niece, Kira, got lots of candy, toys, stickers and coins. I think that Bryan has already made hiding plastic eggs on Easter a tradition in our house. This is the 3rd year we have done it for Jaden. The kids all enjoyed it this year. Next year my niece, Brinley, will be able to participate too.

We cooked lots of food this Easter and that part I really enjoyed. My mom, grandma and I made some freezer meals for Kirk and Chrystine since they are still adjusting to life with two kids. Hopefully the food will make their lives easier. We also cooked a lot of food for a big lunch meal on Easter. My favorite dish was once again Paula Dean's Corn Casserole. Thanks to Chrystine who got us addicted to this awhile ago.

The house hunting has not been going anywhere it seems. We can't decide between an older house that needs updating but is in a good neighborhood (close to the hospital) or a newer townhouse with a monthly fee. We have not narrowed our search at all it seems and our realtor thinks we have expanded our search. Oh well. It might be a couple weeks before we make some progress.

Bryan has busy week with lots of overnight call this week and then his schedule switches this weekend. The change will be nice. We leave for San Diego on Tuesday (one week from today) and will be there for 5 days. I am guessing that nothing will happen on the house front until we return. That reminds me that I need to keep explaining to Jaden that Diego does not live in San Diego and we will probably not see him there.

We still need to do our taxes and get financing for a mortgage along with a list that seems a mile long. This will be the latest we have ever done our taxes. I don't remember having so much to do months before we moved to Rochester but it seems like a lot to accomplish to get ready to move in June right now. Overwhelming at times. I am taking one step at a time.

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