Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We have had a crazy week since I returned to Rochester last Wednesday. We had numerous realtor appointments to choose the realtor that was the best fit for us to sell our house. We want to get it on the market at the beginning of March before the medical residents come to buy houses. Residents have a match day where they find out where they are going on March 20th so we want to for sure have our house up before then. There are some specialty residents that already know where they are going because they have an early match because they are more competitive programs to get into.

Anyway, we finally decided on a reator. Her name is Joyce Walker and she is with Edina Realty in Rochester, MN. She is the mother of a friend of mine in my small group at Side By Side (medical wives Bible study). She is super friendly and gave us a great deal. She is also hooking us up with a realtor in the Minneapolis area to help us find a house up there. And no we haven't started looking for a house yet. It has been enough work getting ours ready to sell. I think we offended a realtor or two along the way because we were trying to get the best deal on realtor fees. We already know we are losing money on selling our house but we want to lose less if we can but we don't want to sell it ourselves. It is nice to have the decision made. I will link the website to our house once it is posted. Our house should be MLS listed on Thursday for $182,900 for a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2100 square foot house in Rochester, MN.

I just got a call about a resident in town (visiting) right now that hasn't found a house they like yet. They are going to see our house Wednesday morning before it is listed just in case it is what they want. It will be our first showing. They already have looked at 18 houses. I remember doing that and we saw about 30 houses in two days. That was ridiculous but we found one we like and now we have to get rid of it when it is in such good condition. Let me know if someone is in the market for a house like ours, ha ha.

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