Tuesday, March 3, 2009

complaining boys

Just thought I would share a little moment with you from this morning.

Jaden came into the bathroom when I was getting ready and started complaining and whining that he didn’t want to go to school.

I encouraged him about all of the fun he would have but still the complaining continued.

I changed the subject to his memory game that he made yesterday. I encouraged him and said he could work on it more at school or at home with me tonight and still the complaining continued.

I talked about sharing time at school and the Eli and Austin (cousins) picture he had to share and still the complaining continued.

I told him that he would only have to go today and tomorrow and then get to be with us at home for 4 days. We talked about the week and that there are 7 days in a week and 3 of them he goes to school and 4 of them he gets to spend with me. And still the complaining continued.

I was about to lose it. I felt it coming. Thankfully he used the toilet and left to go wash his hands (I hope) elsewhere.

I thought I handled the situation very well but his persistence wears me out. I am just thankful that I didn’t get upset and make it worse.

Amazingly the complaining stopped after he left the bathroom and didn’t start up again when he came back.

Jaden, the persistent negotiator, asked me if he got his boots and coat on nicely, if he could have a candy. I already had asked him to do this, it wasn’t his idea but the candy was a nice reward. I said yes and off both boys went. Clay started complaining that he couldn’t get his boots on and Jaden helped him! They both got candy and were happy all the way out the door and on the way to school. Yaaaaay!

Another cute thing that happened yesterday when we were getting ready to leave was that Clay didn’t have his straw rocket (that we made at a cool museum, The Works, in Edina, MN last Saturday) that he wanted to take for sharing in the gathering at school. I wasn’t sure if we left it at Kira’s (cousin) or in the van but we had Jaden’s in the house and mine was there too. I said Clay could have mine and Jaden piped up, “Clay, you can have my rocket if you want to.” So sweet, and Clay accepted.

I need to remember these stories when it is hard to get the kids excited to go to school (almost everyday). There is happiness usually buried under the complaining, whining and refusal to get out the door. They really do have a lot of fun at school but the mornings are usually hard.

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