Thursday, March 12, 2009

down day

We are having a down day. I mean a relaxing, do nothing day. I just want to sit around a lot. I think Bryan has been working much harder than me today. Bryan has been doing a lot of dishes from having our meal group (small group) over last night for dinner. He also made me breakfast and took care of the kids while I hung out upstairs.

Now we are both sitting around on our laptops while the boys nap. Jaden is sick again and hopefully getting better. He threw up a lot last night, more than his stomach should hold. And our whole small group got to experience it in our family room. We are hopefully going out to buy a carpet cleaning machine today. We are sick of scrubbing the carpet and could use a little help. We are also hoping that our planned date tonight without the kids stills works out. The last two weeks we have tried for a date and our babysitter canceled last week. We have another one lined up for tonight. Let's hope Clay doesn't get sick now.

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Christen said...

Oh I am glad you found mine! I enjoy keeping up with your lives. I love reading about things the boys do! Even though its been almost a year since I've babysat them I sometimes think about them on Thursday nights!