Sunday, March 8, 2009

my painting boys

I am not a super-crafty mom and don't really like traditional preschool paper projects. I have been wanting to show the kids that I do truly appreciate their art skills so I bought two canvases for them to paint some kind of space pictures to hangup in their bedroom.

Here are the pictures. I wouldn't mind them making some money from their art someday. I will do what I can to encourage the artist in each of them. I had a blast doing this with them but they painted the pictures completely by themselves (well, almost--I only helped Clay get the sides of his canvas painted). Great job, boys!

Jaden is doing what he loves-creating and painting. We used lots of smaller brushes once we got the canvas covered.

Look at that tongue on Clay! Just like his dad!

Can you guess who is the artist behind each picture? If you know my boys at all, you sure can.

Jaden's painting is on the left and it is titled by him, "Shoot Star" with an orange/brown rocket on the left with fire coming out of it and a blurry moon in the middle and a whole lot of stars, or shooting stars. It is full and busy and chaotic which describes Jaden.

Clay's picture is on the right and it is calm and organized and has a big story too. Clay titled his painting, "Broken Rocket, Shooting Stars." He knows that they are called shooting stars, not shoot stars. Ha ha, so much attitude in such a small body. Clay's painting is of a broken rocket with fire coming out midway and fire coming out at the bottom (a little bit). He also has many stars but they are grouped together, as he wanted them. He did admire Jaden's use of many stars and did add a few more to his painting because of it.

I can't wait to get these hung in their bedroom this week.

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