Monday, March 23, 2009

lots of kid time

Last Friday (3/20) I had the privilege of staying at home and taking care of my two boys and my nephew, Eli. Bryan and Eli's parents (Eric-Bryan's brother and Laura) got tickets to watch the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in Minneapolis on Friday and Sunday. I planned a couple of things for us to do to help the day go by faster.

First we made frozen fruity fun pops with bananas, pineapple, plain yogurt and a little sugar. We used and ice tray and straws for the sticks. I got the recipe out of a Sesame Street cookbook that I bought for Jaden over a year ago when he turned 3. It was the first time we used the book but the kids have enjoyed looking through it many times.

Next we went outside to make a spider web out of yarn. The kids had lots of bun throwing the yarn back and forth to "spin" a web. We also had fun throwing frisbees through the web.

Then it was time to go inside and we had a picnic lunch in front of the TV so we could watch some basketball. The NDSU Bison from Fargo, ND were playing in the big tournament for the first time. They only just became eligible as a division one team this year. It is quite amazing that they made it. Eric and Bryan are both NDSU alumni and I went there one year too. The boys had lots of fun watching the game and even thought they saw their daddies several times on TV. Jaden even thought Uncle Eric was playing in the game. So cute!
And we got to enjoy our frozen fruity fun pops! It is just too bad that the Bison lost.
We wore Eli out. All of the boys went down so easily for naps. We need to get outside and play more often.
I am pretty proud of what I accomplished this day. Having stuff to do made the day go a lot better. Just so you know, I am not a super crafty, have-it-all-together mom. Just read my previous post (my son at church without shoes). It was the first time that I used the kids cookbook after having it for over a year. And I got the spider web idea from Family Fun magazine. I sure was glad to get some help with the kids when Laura came home around dinner time.

I definitely got my fill of kid time over the weekend because Bryan had to work and I volunteered to take care of my two nieces on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon, it was Laura and I with 6 kids that are 4 years and under and the youngest is just 6 weeks old. It was quite the undertaking and we even made it to church! I sure was thankful that Bryan met us there. Everyone made it with shoes to church!

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