Sunday, March 15, 2009

not feeling like a great mom

So, this afternoon I watched the documentary, Supersize Me, about the man that ate only McDonald's food for 30 days and reported on the repercussions on his health. It was entertaining and did make me think about what I am putting in my body.

I had to wake my kids up from naps at 4:30 to go to church at 5 tonight. Bryan is working tonight so I was on my own. Waking the kids up is usually no fun. I should have left myself more time to do this but it is hard to decide between getting out the door earlier and letting them get a few more minutes of sleep.

Anyway, I quickly had 2 cranky kids and tried hard to get them on the toilet and out to the van as quickly as possible. I gave them suckers to get them to stop crying. Great start after watching Supersize Me! The crying did end.

We left the house. I soon realized that I put on the wrong shoes and had brown shoes on with black pants. Oh well. Let it go.

10 minutes later, Jaden asks me where his shoes are. Oh no, I forgot them at home and now we will either be a half hour late for church if I go back to get them (we will just miss church instead) or we can go without the shoes. I decided to go without the shoes and was feeling really bad about this. It is clearly bothering Jaden and he wants to go back to get them. Oh well.

We make it to church at 5:04. Yes, of course we are late. There is not enough parking at our new location. Oh, this is the first night at our new location so I really wanted to be there.

I was not expecting to get a spot anywhere close so I just pulled up the closest door to temporarily park there to check my kids in because I had to carry Jaden in without shoes. Well, I was surprised to find an open spot. How nice! That saved me some time. I took the kids in and of course someone mentions right away that Jaden is missing his shoes. I just say it's my fault. He is not happy.

Church was great and overflowingly full. Lots of energy and great music but not sure what they will do about the space issue. They were not expecting it to be this full.

Then after church, what did we get for dinner, none other than McDonalds'!

How great: cranky kids, one without shoes; me with unmatched shoes, kids with succers and fast food for dinner. That makes me feel like one great mom!

This was not the first time I have grabbed the wrong shoes for myself but the first time I forgot them for one of my kids. Oh well, I am trying to shrug it off. I know that my kids are good fruit and veggie eaters but I do wish that we ate out at restaurants less, fast food or not.


susanna said...

Grace. That is what I say to you, Raquel! :) It is one day out of all of the days of your life. I'm simply impressed by the fact that you got out of the house and took your kids to church on your own. The shoes and mcdonalds and being late is the small stuff. Don't sweat it. You can give the kids a banana tomorrow. :) love, Sue

Roxanne said...

Raquel, I just want to remind you that you are a good mom, a crazy one sometimes, but a good one all the time :-) I know you are a good mom, but I think you need a reminder like we all do sometimes. I love you and miss you!


Teresa said...

You are a FANTASTIC, loving, caring, AWESOME mom--don't sweat the small stuff! :) Kids who eat McD's are kids :) Those who don't get it grow up to be adults who want to eat it all the time :):)

I am proud of you friend!!!

Raquel Jarabek said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments!

Last night just makes me laugh! It is good that I can get perspective on it and I hope it makes others laugh too.